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Not only can you buy gorgeous engagement rings at Genesis Diamonds, you can sell your engagement ring to Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati too! The owner of Genesis Diamonds has been an engagement ring buyer for over 30 years! We also have a team of highly trained engagement ring buyers who will look at your engagement ring and get you the best price. Sell your engagement ring in Cincinnati in a secure and confidential environment. Sell to the professionals at Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati.


We Always Pay The Most

Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati is staffed by professionals. As a result, we can give you the true value of your engagement ring. Since educating the customer is of the highest priority, we take the time to explain our process. Consequently, we are completely transparent when you sell your jewelry to us! Experience the difference between professional engagement ring buyers and amateur pawn shops. Already have a quote from another company? Contact us today for a FREE second opinion. What do you have to lose?

30 Years Experience

We have been buying engagement rings for over 30 years and have earned the trust of customers in Cincinnati, Dayton and so many more! We are therefore the best place to sell your engagement ring in Ohio. Our engagement ring buyers will walk you through how they value your ring to ensure you fully understand and feel comfortable.

engagement ring buyers cincinnati

Engagement ring buyers know the true value of your ring. When you sell your engagement ring to us, you can rest assured that you are getting the most for your valuables. Not only do we always pay the most, our buyers also take the time to educate you along the way so you feel confident and comfortable!

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If you're looking for engagement ring buyers in Cincinnati, Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati is the #1 Engagement Ring Buyer in Ohio. Set up an appointment with one of our experts and meet with one of our professionals today!

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